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Abora Labels:

Abora Music LLC has a variety labels, sublabels, and sublabel groups. The first key distinction is between the "Abora" labels and the rest. The music on the "Abora" labels, especially the Skies, Ascend, Progressive, Chillout, and Symphonic labels, is designed to appeal to a broader audience beyond the club, EDM, and Hollywood scenes, including fans of film, classical and world music. In general, Abora tracks, even the most energetic and hardest tracks that might also work in clubs, are generally intended to foster feelings of peace and serenity. In contrast, the label group's other labels are exclusively focused on the club world.

ABORA RECORDINGS offers quality orchestral uplifting, balearic, and progressive trance.

ABORA SKIES releases only the very best in emotional and beautiful orchestral uplifting trance, with natural-sounding timbres and long, orchestral, beautiful, and emotional breakdowns.

This sublabel is designed to appeal to an audience beyond the EDM, club, or Hollywood scenes, especially fans of film, classical, and world music, and take trance out of the club scene in order to provide uplifting and beautiful music for the homes, workplaces, gyms, and playgrounds of people worldwide—including fans of classical music, world music, and film scores—of all ages, interests, cultures, religions, nations, and walks of life.

ABORA ASCEND is the vocal-trance version of Abora Skies. It releases orchestral uplifting and emotional uplifting vocal trance.

ABORA CHILLOUT is the more laid-back sub-label of Abora Recordings, with much of its music designed to lull you to sleep. Enter a world of big atmospheres and beautiful soundscapes, with relaxation as the key focus. Facebook:

ABORA SYMPHONIC offers symphonic, orchestral, classical, and cinematic music. It will provide music for films scores, corporate events, video games, advertisements, etc, both by excerpting and repackaging breakdowns of trance songs and orchestral mixes and by organizing the composition of new film scores, etc, customized to the customer.

ABORA OLÉ is Abora's sublabel for balearic and latin trance, which is generally the fusion of latin music & trance. In addition to promoting more balearic trance and house in the world and giving the genre more influence, the labels aims to eventually develop new innovative fusions of latin music with trance.

ABORA PROGRESSIVE is Abora's sublabel for progressive trance and house. It focuses on progressive music that is peaceful and smooth, and will feature the talents of Abora's diverse array of top artists. The label will share its A&R with Silent Shore Deep, with the clubbier tracks being released on Silent Shore Deep and the more peaceful and softer tracks coming out on Abora Progressive.

Non-"Abora" Labels:



ACTIVATE RECORDINGS: Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, and run by UDM.

AZURE ABOVE: Abora's China-based, China-focused label.

BIFROST RECORDINGS: Label focused on Danish artists

DIGITAL EUPHORIA RECORDINGS focuses on clubby emotional uplifting and orchestral uplifting trance. It is lead by Type 41 and is part of the core Abora Recordings A&R team, with the same A&R as the other "Abora" labels. Site:

EASTERIA: Based in Uzbekistan and run by Skyvol.

EDGE ONE (formerly EDGE EDM RECORDS) represents the clubbier techier side of Abora. The label releases clubby uplifting trance, tech trance, and psy trance. Tracks are harder, edgier, sometimes more influenced by tech or electro, and often more acid than the typical Abora style, with a more overriding focus on contemporary dancefloors and EDM festivals. Facebook:

EDGE VISION releases the best in psy trance and related genres. It is the sublabel of Abora Recordings (and also of Edge One) that is dedicated to psy, goa, and darker sounds. The A&R Manager is Ruby from System Nipel, one of the top rising acts in the psy world.


EXTREMA GLOBAL MUSIC Italian trance hero, Manuel le Saux, has risen to fame in recent years due to his unmistakable blend of well produced euphoric and driving beats, and flawless mixing. His Extrema concept sets sail in a new direction in the form of Extrema Global Music, established in 2013 and growing strong since.



FUTURE HORIZONS RADIO is dedicated to uplifting and progressive trance. It releases episodes of the radio show Horizons, which is Tycoos's weekly show featuring uplifting and progressive trance.


LEVITATED MUSIC led by rising star Manuel Rocca, is a sublabel of Silent Shore Records established in early 2014, based on the concept of 'levitate' the music far beyond the known. It focuses on releasing fresh and finest tunes in uplifting and melodic progressive trance with a club sound. Levitated Music is promoting upcoming talent alongside recognized artists. Expect tracks and remixes with high melodic content that will elevate your emotions to another level. Website:




MELODIC MATTERS lead by Maratone, is specialized in high-quality trance and EDM. Maratone has indisputably become synonymous with first-class trance and EDM music and he shows no signs of slowing down. With the launch of Masana Records, a new era is born!

MUSIC HOTEL is Abora's label for New Age Music, and is run by Russian producer Damian Wasse.

ROANA RECORDINGS: Label run by Hoyaa.

SILENT SHORE RECORDS was founded in the spring of 2009 by Tibor Tomecko & Lukas Novak for the purpose to deliver fresh and quality electronic music to the clubbing community. We felt that there has to be some change in the world of electronic music. After a short time, we came up with an idea of an electronic music label which will combine quality sounding tunes with massive ideas from talented producers worldwide. As a label, our goal was to deliver emotive, energetic and banging sounds for everyone. Silent Shore also includes the sublabels Silent Shore White, and previously Silent Shore Deep and Trancendental Recordings. Website:



SONIC SENSATIONS: Label run by Christopher Corrigan & Damian Wasse.

SOUNDS OF THE STARS: Orchestral emotional uplifting trance label run by SounEmot and based in Peru.



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