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Ahmed Romel & [email protected] - Sirens/Patriot

Sirens begins with a lovely rolling bass line and a melody that sneaks its way in slowly towards the buildup. The breakdown surely is a spine tingler, with warm pads and synths and a powerful kick in the middle. It is full of orchestral elements with warm strings and piano tear drops carrying into the uplift. The main chorus is full of haunting strings giving you a feeling of harmony with the melodies ringing true to the souls of many who listen to this mix.

Patriot leads off with much clubbier bass kicks; secondary bass kicks throw you around and make you want to move. The buildup is very catchy, with powerful bass kicks and a melody in the background that lays the foundation of the track. The strings in this mix are more defined and give you feelings of peace and serenity inside the breakdown. The main chorus leads off with surging bass kicks and melodic piano tear drops, with strong strings keeping the feeling of serenity throughout the track.


1. Ahmed Romel & [email protected] - Sirens (Original Mix)
2. Ahmed Romel & [email protected] - Patriot (Original Mix)

Release Date: February 13, 2013
Catalog Number: ABRD052