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Ikerya Project - Fantasy World EP

Ikerya Project brings us one of the best orchestral uplifting trance EPs released so far this year. Dramatic, moving, euphoric.... just breathtaking.

Erik begins with Dream Song, a cinematic and epic orchestral-style intro piece filled with powerful and thundering orchestral drums, chillout elements, and bits of male vocal chops, and euphoric flourishes.

Fantasy World continues the epic, euphoric vibe, but in the orchestral uplifting trance genre. Led by a somehow heavenly-yet-haunting, euphoric lead melody, the piece reinterprets and re-presents this melody in many different guises, be they a full symphony, angelic vocal chorus or a piano or a host of other instruments that take their turns leading the melody.

If it's possible to name the highlight of this EP, it would be Orion's Belt: A truly exquisite, unique, and smooth piece of orchestral uplifting trance that just flows. Both peaceful and euphoric, it builds up and down throughout the track, switching from mostly electronic sounds to mostly orchestral ones and Arabic instruments to a desert vokala flute, and back again. Soothing and peaceful - yet sometimes dramatically euphoric - female angelic vocals accompany the listener throughout much of the track.

Release Date: June 20, 2013
Catalog Number: ABRD062