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John Waver

John Waver (real name – Jan Vávra) was born in the Czech Republic in 1986. He has been fascinated by music and particularly its composition since early childhood. Following initial amateur attempts involving acoustic guitars and keyboard synthesizers, he first began experimenting with a sequencer in 1999. In 2000, his interest turned to Trance music, which he also began experimenting with shortly afterwards. Throughout his career, John has been profoundly influenced by his good friend Miloš Rydval (aka Miles Reed), who shared his passion for musical composition since primary school and whose acoustic musical background enabled him to teach John a great deal about music theory and the melodic side of music. From 2001, John attended an industrial college in Prague, specializing in sound technology. There he gained technical knowledge and skills vital to his future development as a composer.

At the beginning of 2008, his remix of the Sierra Nevada single by First State received a positive response from the wider public. This success resulted in the collaboration with DJ F1d0 on the radio show Fresh & Juicy, airing several times a month on radio since the autumn of 2008, as well as cooperation on joint projects.

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