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Kai Beller - New Dimension

Abora Chillout is honored to present for your pleasure Kai Beller and his downtempo album 'New Dimension'. This album includes 8 amazing tracks: The Dancing Fire, Kirkjufell, SEW Dedication, Inner Spacy Dialogue, Shamania, Slow Floating, Hapi Sound, and Hang On.

Prepare for a perfect merger of smooth pads and touchy piano notes fused with flute melodies. Percussions and ancient guitar touches create a calm drive and nostalgic atmosphere.

For example, SEW Dedication is a delightful and meditative track full of intriguing-yet-relaxing instrumentation of traditional acoustic instruments. Featuring a chill groove, this composition will put you in a mood of contentment and peace.

This album is perfect for thoughtful meditation and reflection, thanks to its ear-cuddling tunes and its mixture of flute, harmonic percussions, guitar melodies, and mesmerizing pads.

Get ready to embark on a mesmerizing and relaxing journey with 'New Dimension'!


  1. The Dancing Fire
  2. Kirkjufell
  3. SEW Dedication
  4. Inner Spacy Dialogue
  5. Shamania
  6. Slow Floating
  7. Hapi Sound
  8. Hang On

Release Date: December 9, 2021
Catalog Number: ABCH075

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