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Ozo Effy - The Great Journey

The Ikerya Project Remix is a wonderfully unique and refreshing piece of music — filled with creative, energizing, emotional, and varied vocals and vocal chops. The intro is met with driving, energizing basslines, and with vocals much more noticeable than in the Original Mix. The buildup has heavenly piano chops, with the vocals accenting the melody much more than in the original. Inside the breakdown the orchestral elements — including an emotional flute — are met with vocals and piano melodies, carrying it right into the uplift. The main chorus is full of vocals and surging basslines to keep you full of energy.
In the Original Mix, the intro is met with vocal mini chops accenting a main vocal and a pure orchestral flute instrument. The buildup is full of basslines, with the vocals growing even stronger than before. The breakdown has heavenly piano chops and angelic vocals to carry it right into the main chorus. The main chorus is full of powerful basslines and vocal and piano chops that carry you through energized till the end.
In the Farhad Mahdavi Remix, the intro is met with lighter-hitting basslines and a hinting piano. The buildup slowly progresses into surging rolling basslines with serious piano work. The breakdown has a deliberate and serious piano with heavenly and warm pads leading right into the main chorus. The main chorus is met with rolling piano chops, making it sound like ocean waves crashing. This one is more emotional then the other 2 mixes in this package.

This release also contains radio edits of both the Original Mix and the Ikerya Project Remix.

Release Date: March 9, 2013
Catalog Number: ABRD053