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Patrick Ytting

With a superb and delicate touch for the classical mixed with electronic production, Patrick Ytting’s music tastes are hugely diverse. With a background as a child actor in Denmark, where he was born and raised, he followed his studies to Southampton, United Kingdom to pursue filmmaking and music.

Patrick cultivates a radiant soniverse of musical rhythms and vibrations. Having performed piano recitals for the public in the UK, Denmark and Sweden, Patrick also appears on keys with the Southampton band “The Horse”, which enjoys a longstanding cult following.  He holds a Master of Arts in piano performance and has embarked on a burgeoning career producing and composing for the full spectrum of film, games, theatre, animation, corporate projects and albums.

A providential encounter with [email protected] heralded the start of a fresh journey. Collaboratively merging the full of subtle and epic delights present in classic and soundtrack inspired music, with the pulsating drive and uplifting spatial imagination of trance, this new momentum has paved the way for an inspiring and fruitful period. Harboring a passion for music from  all corners of the globe Patrick looks forward to contributing and sharing in some small way, his experience of that grand mysterious cosmic melting pot we call music. Patrick wishes for you all in the coming year the joy and satisfaction of plentiful sonic showers. 

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