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SoundLift - Yerevan

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Weaving a tapestry of sound from the corners of the world, SoundLift's epic project 'Yerevan' has finally arrived! Drawing from sonics as far away as the edges of Asia, the sands of the Middle East, the mountains of Armenia, the sparkling shores of Portugal, and the beautiful beaches of Mexico, SoundLift presents a sound palette of the world's most exotic musical influences.

Differing from track to track, the value of this release is found in the strength of the compilation. The title track kicks off the album with soul-wrenching melodies and pulls us in from the first few bars. 'Windmill' brings a fresh melody and cool synths mixed with some soft strings. 'Take My Guitar', 'Give You My Love' featuring Adrina Thorpe, 'Acapulco' and 'Oriente' each bring a different flavour, stretching the boundaries of what trance music can be.

'One Day' stands out as an epic, melodic trance journey. Exploding with eloquent instrumentation, 'One Day' combines subtle background vocals, unique percussion and an array of complimentary sounds into an exploration of in-depth trance.

'Land of Nowhere' expresses SoundLift's unique yet recognizable style with stunning combinations of beautiful synths and a euphoric melody. This is definitely one of the hallmark tracks on the album.

An added benefit, Yerevan's release is further bolstered by the addition of two of SoundLift's classics. 'Horizonte' and 'Nakhti' are presented on this album along with the full plate of fantastic new work! 

One of the most significantly different trance albums of the past few years, we invite you to make this gem your own.

Special thanks to Adrina Thorpe for her co-operation and beautiful vocals in the production of 'Give You My Love'!  Be sure to check out her website at

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1. SoundLift - Yerevan [3:32]
2. SoundLift feat. Adrina Thorpe - Give You My Love [9:25]
3. SoundLift - Take My Guitar [7:01]
4. SoundLift - Windmill [9:44]
5. SoundLift - Horizonte [9:09]
6. SoundLift - Nakhti [8:49]
7. SoundLift - Land of Nowhere [9:20]
8. SoundLift - Oriente [7:58]
9. SoundLift - One Day [10:14]
10. SoundLift - Acapulco [4:00]

Release Date: September 30, 2011
Catalog Number: ABRD035

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