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Sulaco loved music since he was in the womb. After listening to Donna Summer's "I Feel Love", he was hooked on electronic music!  He had an old piano, but at the age of 16 he was able to buy his first synthesizer with money saved up from a paper route.  He started learning the art of producing music at 22 and knocked out a few "Industrial" tunes.  Acts such as "Nine Inch Nails", "Front 242" and "Frontline Assembly" were big influences. He was always influenced by house music from listening to stuff like Bomb Da Bass Beat Dis and MARRS Pump up the volume in the eighties but always chose to produce the more Gothy type of electronic music. Goa trance was of greater interest in the nineties. He listened to music by "Astral Projection" and "Cosmosis" and fell in love with it.  He fell in love with trance when he accidentally caught the end of Danny Rampling's Lovegroove Dance party. The euromix just blew him away totally.  Trance interest really started around 1997 and Sulaco did a Live P.A under the name of "Trancefusion" in the the late nineties in a night club in Sheffield. Even though he loves producing trance music,  he finds it healthy to keep his tastes varied.  He still loves guitar-based music as well as indie favourites like Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Arctic Monkeys.  However, trance just seems to hit the spot every time!

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