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Abora Chillout - Best of 2013 (Mixed by New World & Ori Uplift)

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Abora Chillout was born almost exactly a year ago and has already grown into a label globally respected for releasing top-quality chillout of all kinds. From symphonic to electronic to ethnic to meditative to oriental to jazz, its music can be counted upon to offer a relaxing atmosphere, or even lull you to sleep.

Ori Uplift and New World have selected 13 of Abora's very best chillout tracks to represent and summarize what this first year has been about. Both established stars such as Geert Huinink, SoundLift, & Afternova and incredibly talented rookies such as Lea Gums, OppositePlans, & Balearia.

In addition, New World & Ori Uplift teamed up to create a truly wonderful continuous mix for you, which begins by lifting you up with some epic symphonic chillout, takes you to a lighter mood with a jazzy vibe, and ends with some sleepy meditative soundscapes that very well might lull you to sleep.

Their continuous mix unites and rolls together Abora Chillout's first year into a flawless and relaxing hour-long single piece and is itself reason enough to pick up this mixcompilation.


1. Afternova - Tranquility (Orchestral Mix)
2. Lea Gums - Sleepless Night (Original Mix)
3. Balearia - Djanet (Saharan Paradise) (Original Mix)
4. OppositePlans - In My Pocket (Original Mix)
5. Gurban Abbasli - Passion Moments (Original Mix)
6. Blue Horizon & Shyprince - Lithium (Acoustic Piano Mix)
7. OppositePlans - Sid3walks (Original Mix)
8. Receptive & New World - Hope at Dawn (Magdelayna's Chilled Remake)
9. Afternova - Finding Peace (Original Mix)
10. SoundLift - Arenas Blancas (Sunset Mix)
11. Pizz@dox - Nemesis (Patrick Ytting Chillout Mix)
12. Geert Huinink - Grounding (Original Mix)
13. Dim Line - Cyan (Original Mix)
14. New World & Ori Uplift - Abora Chillout - Best of 2013 (Continuous DJ Mix)

Release Date: December 26, 2013
Catalog Number: ABCH010

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