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DJoy - Intergalactic EP

Abora Chillout is glad to present a stunning EP entitled Intergalactic' produced by DJoy.

The release includes outstanding acoustic versions of three DJoy's past tracks, 'Heartbliss', 'Inverse' and 'Nocturne'. All these pieces feature beautiful piano compositions filled with nostalgic harmonies that create a warm atmosphere.

The main theme, 'Intergalactic', is a portrait of a breathtaking piano symphony. It's a journey into the world of quietness and deep thoughts. Its harmonic tuneful keys produce a charming vibe to lean on when reflecting, moreover it reveals a quick epic feel at the end, will your ear catch it?

Wait no more and be the first to explore this lovely release!


  1. Heartbliss (DJoy Acoustic Mix) [2:35]
  2. Inverse (DJoy Acoustic Mix) [2:38]
  3. Intergalactic (Original Mix) [4:33]
  4. Nocturne (DJoy & Sandro Mireno Acoustic Mix) [2:51]

Release Date: February 2, 2024
Catalog Number: ABCH096

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