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Dmitriy Kuznetsov - Elven Wind

Dmitriy Kuznetsov brings a massive, Elvish-infused epic uplifter to Abora Skies. It's entitled 'Elven Wind'!

From the first kick hit, this track gives you the feel of uplifting power and energy. The techy vibes, solid drums, big bass, and a hair-raising jingle take you into a fascinating orchestral breakdown. There you will encounter cool Elven voices that lead into a soaring symphony orchestral.

The Intro Mix begins with the enticing Elven vocals surrounding you on all sides. They launch you into an expansive orchestral breakdown and otherworldly symphony before proceeding to the euphoric drop, buzzing bass, and tech-trance-influenced outro.

The Club Mix features a shorter breakdown and is perfect for a huge, powerful, peak-time trancer.

The release also includes a lovely Orchestral Mix, which is an expended version of the trance mix's breakdown, combining the Elven voices, piano, sweeping strings, and symphonic orchestra.

Get the most out of this Elven uplifter and grab your copy now!


  1. Elven Wind (Intro Mix) [4:14]
  2. Elven Wind (Extended Mix) [6:31]
  3. Elven Wind (Original Mix) [4:41]
  4. Elven Wind (Club Mix) [6:03]
  5. Elven Wind (Orchestral Mix) [1:25]

Release Date: February 25, 2022
Catalog Number: ABSK098

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