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Escea - Traces You Leave

Another spectacular release comes to Abora Recordings by German revelation Escea. 'Traces You Leave' is the name of his fantastic new tune.

This wonderful emotional uplifting trance has inspired a poem:

The meteor lit up the night sky at the moment when it burned out life;
The bud has used up all its strength to bloom in an instant and show the traces of beauty;
The baby gives up the beautiful warmth and tries its best to come to this world and write the traces of a new journey.

Now that I have chosen to go far, I will only take the wind and rain into consideration. Leave your traces, deep or shallow, that are a proof to the world, a proof to history, and a proof that you have been unique!

Enjoy this uplifting trance tune! It will make you smile and fly at the same time :)


  1. Traces You Leave (Intro Mix) [6:42]
  2. Traces You Leave (Extended Mix) [8:02]
  3. Traces You Leave (Original Mix) [3:52]

Release Date: January 13, 2023
Catalog Number: ABRD307

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