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Gurban Abbasli - Passion Moments EP

Passion Moments is the track about the passionate love that can be in any person and that we take from nature, which provides us with all. Piano sounds that accompany the whole track provide a relaxing mode that is mixed with the vocal whispering sounds and deep vocals that are our thoughts and imaginations.

Rain on Streets will take you to a café on a rainy morning. Imagine that you are sitting by the window and watching the rain, the street, the rushing people, and the children who are happy playing in the rain. Just solo piano and ambient sounds will help you to get to my “rainy morning”.

To Somewhere is the track about the long journey to the place where you've wished to be. It features synthetic instruments with deep vocal elements accompanied by guitar body beats and pads.

Supported by: Mark Arbor, Markus Schulz, Angel Ace, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Ori Uplift, Ulrich Van Bell, Six Senses, and many more!

Release Date: January 11, 2013
Catalog Number: ABCH002

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