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Ikerya Project & Johannes Fischer - Sunrise (Trance Mix)

Abora welcomes a brilliant new Africa-inspired, emotional orchestral uplifting trance track by Serbian veteran Ikerya Project & German maestro Johannes Fischer. The name is 'Sunrise'.

Please enjoy these African vibes, converted into a trance track! This is a trance remix of Johannes's earlier African downtempo track on Abora Chillout.

And the track comes with a poem:

Early morning dawn,
the light blue sky is still faintly flashing a few remnant stars,
still so quiet around.
Dawn removes the veil of night and reveals a brilliant morning glow.
When the sun rises,
it is time for all things to wake up,
When the sun rises,
it is time for hope to come,
When the sun rises,
it is time for the earth to rejoice.
The sun brings warmth and vitality to the earth,
and also brings us a new beautiful day.


  1. Sunrise (Intro Trance Mix) [6:09]
  2. Sunrise (Extended Trance Mix) [8:14]
  3. Sunrise (Trance Mix) [4:05]

Release Date: April 14, 2023
Catalog Number: ABSK113

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