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Ikerya Project & Robin Vane - Kingdom: Dub Mixes

We are excited to present the dub mixes for Ikerya Project & Robin Vane's awesome vocal uplifter 'Kingdom'! Also included is a dub mix of the wonderful remix by Sunyella & Anton van Sprundel.

Ikerya Project has added cool vocal chops to the original dub, whereas Sunyella and Anton van Sprundel opt for a pure instrumental version to highlight the uplifting tunes.

Don't forget to check out the fantastic original mix and remix. In that release, Robin's groovy vocals, powerful lyrics, and uber-cool ad libs combine with Ikerya Project's fast-moving instrumentals and huge climax to give us an awesome uptempo track that you'll want to sing along with. That is a separate release (catalog ABRD227). But these dub mixes offer a good reminder to check out the vocal release too.



  1. Kingdom (Dub Mix)
  2. Kingdom (Sunyella & Anton van Sprundel Dub Remix)
  3. Kingdom (Dub Radio Edit)
  4. Kingdom (Sunyella & Anton van Sprundel Dub Radio Edit)

Release Date: August 7, 2020
Catalog Number: ABRD228

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