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illitheas - Desire

German master illitheas has made one of his most emotional songs to date. It's a progressive Balearic tune called 'Desire', and we are excited to bring it to you here on Abora Olé, Abora's imprint for Balearic trance and house.

'Desire' features syncopated Balearic beats and percussion complemented by a laid-back and thoughtful Spanish guitar. The lovely groove and enchanting chord progression take you on a journey that builds and builds with neverending harmony and bliss.

Above all, the track features a warm and peaceful mood and ambience that you will not forget.

It's perfect for relaxed summer days at the beach, in the lounge, or at the club, or just to listen to at home to put a smile on your face and unwind. We are sure you will love 'Desire'!


  1. Desire (Original Mix) [3:56]
  2. Desire (Intro Mix) [5:17]
  3. Desire (Club Mix) [6:41]

Release Date: July 7, 2021
Catalog Number: AOLE010

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