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InnerSync - Time To Remember

A familiar name comes back to Abora Chillout for the first release of the year. This is the chillout pioneer InnerSync presenting his EP "Time To Remember".

Starting off with "Beyond Distance", the EP shapes up nicely by showcasing an exotic and tropical track full of interesting sounds and harmonies.

"Awaken Your Heart" follows the path of the introductory track and keeps us daydreaming in a melancholic mood by focusing slightly more on bright pads and slow but tasteful melodies.

"Blended Hearts" delivers a full-on melodic track, perfect for playing in the background during your daily activities, or to get to sleep.

Finally, "Time To Remember" concludes this release with a colorful and rhythmic track that will brighten up all your senses right on the first listen.

This 4-track release delivers the lush and beautiful sound that InnerSync is known to master. Enjoy!


1. Beyond Distance (Original Mix) [5:20]
2. Awaken Your Heart (Original Mix) [4:37]
3. Blended Hearts (Original Mix) [6:38]
4. Time To Remember (Original Mix) [6:38]

Release Date: February 14, 2018
Catalog Number: ABCH040

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