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KBK & Wiktoria Betlińska - Piece of Heaven (incl. Mike van Fabio Remix)

Polish artist Mike van Fabio is back to Abora Recordings with an extraordinary remix for the track 'Piece Of Heaven' produced by KBK & Wiktoria Betlinska.

This remix presents an uplifting drive thanks to tuneful pluck notes, harmonic vocal chops, and solid background pads. The breakdown is a portrait of lovely lyrics delivered by Wiktoria's mesmerizing voice. Then an enchanting melody embarks and leads to an amazing drop.

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  1. Piece of Heaven (Extended Mix) [7:04]
  2. Piece of Heaven (Mike van Fabio Extended Mix) [6:34]
  3. Piece of Heaven (Extended Dub) [7:04]
  4. Piece of Heaven (Mike van Fabio Extended Dub)[6:37]
  5. Piece of Heaven (Original Mix) [3:50]
  6. Piece of Heaven (Mike van Fabio Remix) [3:21]

Release Date: February 17, 2023
Catalog Number: ABRD308

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