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Lea Gums - Fairytale EP

Lea Gums is a young German composer who developed a very unique approach towards orchestral music. She is here on Abora to present her new EP on our chillout sublabel and we are sure that you will love it!

Garden of Elvar is a lovely piece which reminds you of fairy tales and knighthood stories. Subtle harp and strings create a lovely and unearthly atmosphere with a beautiful melody line written all over the track. A beautifully crafted piece! This one is sure to give you chills.

Sleepless Night is a piano piece accompanied by subtle string ensembles; again, Lea proves that she is a very skilled composer who knows how to craft a lovely atmospheric piece of music.

The third track on this EP is called The Proposal and it's a combination of piano elements again accompanied by strings. A nicely done piano arpeggio goes through the entire track and creates a wonderful enchantment!

1. Garden of Elvar [4:12] — Youtube Vid
2. Sleepless Night [4:05] — Youtube Vid
3. The Proposal [2:58]

Release Date: October 14, 2013
Catalog Number: ABCH008

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