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Lost Witness & Phoebe - It’s Ok

British vocal trance legend Lost Witness teams up with Phoebe for an awesome new release on Abora Recordings called 'It's Ok'.

This song has an epic drive owing to solid basslines and uplifting drums fused with melodic touches and Phoebe's cuddling voice. The breakdown will hit you right in the feels, not only because of Phoebe's magical voice but also because the mesmerizing melodies create a pure trance dimension that is strengthened by a huge drop.

Add a new feel to your playlist and grab this release!


  1. It's Ok (Extended Mix) [7:57]
  2. It's Ok (Dub Mix) [7:57]
  3. It's Ok (Orignal Mix) [2:54]

Release Date: July 8, 2022
Catalog Number: ABRD286

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