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Luis A. Moreno - Skies Of Life EP

Our label Abora Chillout is thrilled to present a lovely EP by Colombian artist Luis A. Moreno entitled 'Skies of Life EP'. It is composed of 3 tracks: Natural, Sunrise, and Sunset.

The first track, 'Natural', delivers a calming drive, soft pads combined with harmonic piano notes, and lit percussions that create a relaxing atmosphere.

The track 'Sunset' presents nostalgic piano notes and dreamy pads, fused with a soft drive and calming melodies that deliver vibes of relaxation.

'Sunset' is made of piano touches and outstanding cello melodies, fused with harmonic soft pads to deliver a peaceful atmosphere.

Wait no more, enjoy this relaxing EP and add it to your chilllout playlist now.


  1. Sunrise (Original Mix) [5:32]
  2. Natural (Original Mix) [6:23]
  3. Sunset (Original Mix) [4:28]

Release Date: August 18, 2021
Catalog Number: ABCH070

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