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Mahaputra - Flashback

Mahaputra's debut 'Flashback' is driven by deep and energetic bass lines, the original mix of Flashback will get all your attention with euphoric melodies and rhythmic sounds!

Mehdi Belkadi delivers a banging track with his own take on ‘Flashback’. Groovy basslines, emotional breakdown and a powerful drop will definitely please your ears.

Numidian & The Synthetic are delighted to present their new remix of this release, it will take you onto a journey through minimalistic bass lines, ethereal melodies and complex sounds.

1. Flashback (Original Mix) [6:19]
2. Flashback (Mehdi Belkadi Remix) [5:08]
3. Flashback (Numedian & The Synthetic Remix) [6:30]

Release Date: May 1, 2017
Catalog Number: ENR026

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