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Maratone & Lasse Macbeth with Emilya Buchan - Stronger

Someone once said, 'The wise man adapts himself to the world; the unwise man insists on adapting the world to himself.' Keep up with the pace of the times, constantly update your cognition. Life cannot wait for others to arrange, to rely on their own to fight and struggle. So, get stronger and don't leave regrets in your life.

The amazing Danish producers Maratone and Lasse Macbeth have teamed up with the lovely English vocalist Emilya Buchan to compose a positive song called 'Stronger'. Sparkling sounds, magical plucks, and catchy leads are waiting for you to enjoy. Beautiful vocals together with wonderful melodies result in a comfortable mood.

Don't miss this fascinating release and check it out now!


  1. Stronger (Extended Mix) [6:18]
  2. Stronger (Extended Dub) [6:18]
  3. Stronger (Original Mix) [4:29]

Release Date: November 10, 2023
Catalog Number: ABRD333

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