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Marco Torrance - Filmbienced EP (Part 1)

German talent Marco Torrance has returned to Abora Chillout to present an outstanding cinematic chillout EP entitled 'Filmbienced, Part 1'. It includes 3 marvelous symphonic remakes: Echoes Of Petra, Fragile and Under The Diving Bell.

The filmbienced remake of 'Fragile' is a combination of a lovely piano symphony blended with cello melodies that will hit you right in the feels; these elements are mixed with harmonic drums, background pads, and a calm drive.

The filmbienced remake of 'Echoes Of Petra' (originally an orchestral uplifting trancer) brings pure effects and nostalgic cuddling violin melodies fused with solid drums here and there; it also delivers soft pads and angelic vocals.

The filmbienced remake of 'Under The Diving Bell' showcases the magic of string ensembles, side by side with epic percussion, tuneful pads, and smooth sounds.

This stunning chillout EP is a mixture of orchestral elements that highlight nostalgic vibes, warm ambiances, and peaceful journeys.

Grab your copy now and get the most of these chill cinematic pieces!


  1. Fragile [4:10]
  2. Echoes Of Petra [3:51]
  3. Under The Diving Bell [4:30]

Release Date: June 22, 2022
Catalog Number: ABCH081

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