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Marco Torrance - Filmbienced EP, Pt. 2

Time for the second half of Marco Torrance's 'Filmbienced EP'! Part 1 was on our Abora Chillout label and included three 'filmbienced' instrumental remakes, in Marco's signature cinematic orchestral style.

And now here is Part 2. This EP delivers two epic cinematic vocal tracks, both of them filmbienced remakes of vocal trancers: ''Alive Again' with Michelle Richer and 'This Love Is Ours' in collaboration with Czech/English maestro Ronny K.

'Alive Again' has a rising warm atmosphere, calm drive, peaceful energy, and sweet lyrics delivered by Michelle's cuddling voice. They fuse with dreamy pads, catchy drums, and pure melodies.

'This Love Is Ours' features lively and energetic vocals in a bubble-gum pop style. It kicks off with fading piano notes and smooth pads combined with female vocalist's outstanding performance. The atmosphere then changes to a thrilling drive thanks to a violin and cello symphony combined with epic drums.

Enjoy these two cinematic remakes of vocal trance tracks!


  1. Alive Again (Filmbienced) [4:32]
  2. This Love Is Ours (Filmbienced) [3:55]

Release Date: August 24, 2022
Catalog Number: ABSY030

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