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Mark Versluis & Ana Roze - Let Me Know

Abora Recordings presents a wonderful vocal trancer entitled 'Let Me Know', produced by Dutch revelation Mark Versluis and featuring lovely vocals by Ana Roze.

This track delivers a cool drive, delightful pluck notes, and dreamy background pads that create a superb musical atmosphere. The breakdown combines the lyrics with waves of uplifting enthusiastic melodies and creates an amazing vibe leading to a solid drop.

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  1. Let Me Know (Extended Mix) [6:25]
  2. Let Me Know (Original Mix) [3:28]


In my mind
In my mind
I’m losing sight
Thinking it’s over
Don’t say that it’s over

Am I blind?
I can’t seem to find the light
looking for closure
it’s drawing me closer

If you love me let me know
Know know know know, know know
If you love me let me know
know know know know, know know

Ohh I’ll wait
Finding reasons just to stay
Trying to see it
But I don’t believe it

I have faith
But I hope it’s not too late
If you really mean it
Then I need to feel it


Release Date: March 11, 2022
Catalog Number: ABRD275

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