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Mystairium - Astrale Finale / Mysterious Moon

Looking up at the sky,
we see countless stars in the galaxy,
dust gathering,
they are the connotation of the vast universe,
the essence of the earth,
the brilliance of life.

Exploring the boundless universe,
we keep the hope in our hearts,
keep the heart unwilling to give up beating,
we are in the great despair of small efforts.

And this feeling of not wanting to give up, it becomes the moon, shining forever.

Enjoy two wonderful ambient electronic tracks, 'Astrale Finale' and 'Mysterious Moon', brought to us by Mystairium.

Astrale Finale is a mysterious and engrossing ambient soundscape that will make you melt away and vanish into another world. Get ready to decompress and relax into a rich tapestry of ambient sounds.


  1. Astrale Finale (Original Mix) [6:15]
  2. Mysterious Moon (Original Mix) [7:37]

Release Date: November 2, 2022
Catalog Number: ABCH087

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