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New World & Nirav Sheth, NlightN - Serenity / True Love

A brand-new EP by NlightN comes to Abora Symphonic, with two beautiful pieces, 'Serenity' and 'True Love'.

Serenity is the harmony of a calm breeze. It's the ease of the clouds, the lightness of the wind, and the strings slightly plucked by a woman under the faint moonlight. Quiet, like a person stopping, silently waiting for another person. And then they sit down together, look at the sunset, look at the sky. All the colors of nature, once complex, will eventually disappear into the past.

Serenity is dedicated to the memory of Rajesh Parekh, a close family member of Nirav's.

Life lets us meet True Love in many ways. It helps us feel, understand, and achieve inner peace. In front of true love, suffering smiles, bitterness is sweet, and the pale world fills with color. Then, in this new world of true love, peace contains the dynamic rhythm of life and the harmony of nature, which makes wounded hearts relive the taste of happiness at the end of everything. There is a saying that love can save everything, as long as it's true love.

True Love was composed by Nirav for his beautiful wife Nehal and produced by NlightN.


  1. Serenity (In Memory of Rajesh Parekh) (Original Mix) [4:08]
  2. True Love (Original Mix) [3:14]

Release Date: March 2, 2022
Catalog Number: ABSY027

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