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New World - Komorebi

Finally, it's here! New World's masterpiece Komorebi - the first trance track ever made in 7/4 time - has finally arrived....

Years in the making, Komorebi is a true masterpiece of emotional orchestral uplifting trance. As you'd expect from New World, the piece is exquisitely crafted and arranged. The sentimental breakdown - and in fact the entire song - exudes peace and joy, bringing both a smile and happy tears to your face.

The Emotional Intro Mix - also in 7/4 time - begins with a fusion downtempo-orchestral composition. A perfect way to start an emotional set.

The innovative and peaceful Downtempo Mix combines downtempo beats and rhythms, cool grooves, and the inspiring pianos and harmonies of the trance mix's breakdown.

You will love Komorebi! A classic in the making, this is what trance fans ten years from now will still be in love with. Enjoy!


  1. Komorebi (Emotional Intro Mix)
  2. Komorebi (Original Mix)
  3. Komorebi (Radio Mix)
  4. Komorebi (Downtempo Mix)

Release Date: August 20, 2021
Catalog Number: ABSK091

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