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Nick Desku - Stormbringer

Nick Desku takes you by the hand and drags you through the snowstorm into forgotten lands. 'Stormbringer', released on Masana Records, is a tune in which we feel all the elements coalesce and layer to immerse us in the cold heavy weight of a raging storm. This is no ordinary storm, but rather one wrought by the manifestations of a powerful mind and spirit in distress.

The breakdown seemingly gives us shelter from the violence, but in that shelter lies danger still: the crushing weight of the storm's pressure, a feeling of something lurking in the dark, ice and water fall like tears onto hard earth like crushed glass. We tread that sharp ice as we move faster towards the build; the enormous power fills us with strength to get to the other side and ultimately through the storm again.

But Nick Desku is a true 'Stormbringer' and he invades Masana Records with a whirlwind of snowfall.


1. Stormbringer (Extended Mix) [7:32]
2. Stormbringer (Original Mix) [3:25]

Release Date: September 30, 2019
Catalog Number: MASANA031

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