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Tycoos & Daisy Lou - Darkness Into Light

Amazing producer Tycoos brings us a radiant release entitled 'Darkness Into Light', featuring the charming British singer Daisy Lou.

This huge tune hosts an uplifting atmosphere with a solid drive combined with gentle plucks and soft pads. The breakdown is a shot of dreamy pads, fused with Daisy's pure voice that delivers lovely lyrics to end up with a breathtaking melody and a terrific drop.

Close your eyes and let yourself be surrounded by the brilliant melodies in this song!


  1. Darkness Into Light (Extended Mix) [5:15]
  2. Darkness Into Light (Dub Mix) [5:15]
  3. Darkness Into Light (Original Mix) [3:25]


When we find ourselves here at the start
And everybody said it wouldn’t last
Maybe we could live and learn from broken hearts
We just need our second chance

If we could trust the thoughts inside our heads
Drown out all the noise and not pretend
Maybe we could find our way back to love again
Cause we both know it’s not the end

You’re the only one I want
Standing by my side
You’re the only one I know
That makes me feel alive

What will become of you and I
We’ll never know if we don’t try
You’re the only one who turns
The darkness into light

Release Date: August 4, 2023
Catalog Number: ABRD326

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