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Tycoos & Mike Zaloxx & Shar - Running Out

Trance star Tycoos and Swiss revelation Mike Zaloxx have teamed up with the wonderful Italian vocalist Shar to create a mega collaboration called 'Running Out'.

This song has a stunning combination of punchy drums and driving basslines fused with gentle sine plucks and smooth sounds. All this is perfectly blended with mesmerizing vocals from Shar. Then a warm breakdown leads to breathtaking melodies and an intense drop.

This amazing tune will be a future classic for sure. Huge!


  1. Running Out (Extended Mix) [5:34]
  2. Running Out (Dub Mix) [5:05]
  3. Running Out (Original Mix) [3:27]

Release Date: November 18, 2022
Catalog Number: ABRD299

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