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U-G - Shikisai

Abora is honored to present to an epic uplifting trancer entitled 'Shikisai', produced by Japanese revelation U-G.

This riveting piece of music has an energetic drive, uplifting drums, and an energetic bassline fused with pure pads and outstanding melodies. This leads to an exotic breakdown that features flute tunes, harmonic smooth drums, and dreamy pads. These elements open the way to an amazing melody and huge emotional drop.

Grab your copy now and enjoy the drive of this massive uplifter!


  1. Shikisai (Intro Mix) [6:16]
  2. Shikisai (Extended Mix) [7:36]
  3. Shikisai (Original Mix) [5:19]

Release Date: September 30, 2022
Catalog Number: ABRD297

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