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Uplifting Only 2014: Top-Voted Tunes - Vol. 1 (Mixed by Ori Uplift)

Want the best in orchestral and emotional uplifting trance? This mixcompilation contains 23 tunes that fans voted into the top 3 in the weekly voting for Ori Uplift's Uplifting Only radio podcast aired on and iTunes. It also contains 2 continuous mixes, for a total of 25 tracks. It includes music by New World, Simon O'Shine, Aly & Fila, Playme, SoundLift, Ikerya Project, Emanuele Congeddu, Etasonic, and other shining stars of the uplifting world.

With one exception, none of the 25 tracks have been included in previous Uplifting Only compilations.

The two continuous mixes by Ori Uplift wonderfully bring together the individual tracks into one seamless uplifting experience. In addition, the release contains previously unreleased remasters of New World's Orca Remix and Playme's The Silver Tree Epic Mix.

For timed tracklists for the two mixes, visit or the release page in the site. Enjoy!

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1. SoundLift - Horizonte (Andy Blueman Intro Mix) [Blue Soho]
2. Simon O'Shine - Miss You (Original Mix) [Defcon]
3. Global Influence - Depth of My Dreams (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
4. Emanuele Congeddu & 4Seas - Butterfly Effect (Frank Dattilo Remix) [AEZ]
5. Avenger - Orca (New World Remaster) [Blue Soho]
6. New World - Fields Of La Tourette (Original Mix) [TAR]
7. Type 41 - Destination (Ikerya Project Remix) [SSR]
8. BluSkay & KeyPlayer - Nocturne In C# Minor (Original Mix) [AEZ]
9. Ozo Effy - The Great Journey (Ikerya Project Remix) [Abora]
10. New World - Outreach (Original Mix) [Defcon]
11. Blue Silence - A Whole World Better (The Noble Six Remix) [Defcon]

12. New World - Afterlife (Intro Mix) [Defcon]
13. O.B.M Notion - Peacefulness (Original Mix) [D.MAX]
14. Playme - The Silver Tree (Epic Mix) (Remastered) [TAR]
15. Simon O'Shine & Adam Navel - Marathon (Simon O'Shine Mix) [TAR]
16. Andy Elliass & ARCZI - KY Cygni (Emanuele Congeddu Remix) [AudioResearch]
17. Etasonic - Sentimental Way [Blue Soho]
18. The Avengers - Yugen (Original Mix Edit) [Blue Soho]
19. Farhad Mahdavi - Take My Hand (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
20. Sergey Nevone & Simon O'Shine - Apprehension (Aly & Fila Mix) [Defcon]
21. Etasonic - Unrealized Dream (Original Mix) [Airstorm]
22. Ikerya Project - Orion's Belt (Original Mix) [Abora]
23. Nery - Inesquecivel (SoundLift Remix) [Abora]

24. Ori Uplift - Uplifting Only 2014: Top-Voted Tunes - Vol. 1 (Continuous DJ Mix Part 1)
25. Ori Uplift - Uplifting Only 2014: Top-Voted Tunes - Vol. 1 (Continuous DJ Mix Part 2)

Release Date: March 30, 2014
Catalog Number: UPONLY003

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