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Uplifting Only 2014: Top-Voted Tunes - Vol. 2 (Mixed by Ori Uplift)

Want the best in orchestral and emotional uplifting trance?

This mixcompilation contains 23 tunes that fans voted into the top 3 in the weekly voting for Ori Uplift's Uplifting Only radio podcast aired on and iTunes. It also contains 2 continuous mixes, for a total of 25 tracks.

None of these tracks have ever been released on any previous UpOnly mixcompilation before!

And 8 of the tracks have never been released anywhere before, including

SoundLift - Sevan
ReOrder - Beyond Horizons (Ula Remix)
Afernova - Together We Are Strong (Intro Mix Edit)

and 3 radio edits:
Kelly Andrew- The Incursion (Afternova Radio Edit
Etasonic - Unrealized Dream (tranzLift Radio Edit)
Hope Remains (Silvernova Radio Edit)

It includes music by New World, Afternova, Kelly Andrew, SoundLift, Ahmed Romel, Simon O'Shine, ReOrder, Playme, Emanuele Congeddu, Etasonic, Manuel Rocca, tranzLift, Mhammed El Alami, Sergey Nevone, and other shining stars of the uplifting world. The two continuous mixes by Ori Uplift wonderfully bring together the individual tracks into one seamless uplifting experience.




1. Afternova - Together We Are Strong (Intro Mix Edit) [Abora]
2. Etasonic - Unrealized Dream (tranzLift Radio Edit) [Airstorm]
3. Giovannie de Sadeleer - Wonders Of Jakarta [Trancer]
4. BluEye - Pegasus (Matt Chowski Remix) [Gent Trance Division]
5. Farhad Mahdavi - First Kiss [D.MAX]
6. Ronny K. pres. Advanced - Atlantis (Simon O'Shine Remix) [Blue Soho]
7. Manuel Rocca - Esperanza [Silent Shore White]
8. SoundLift - Sevan
9. Michael Flint - Divination [Beyond the Stars]
10. Mhammed El Alami & Johannes Fischer - Pharaon [Veritas]
11. Emanuele Congeddu & ARCZI - Taliyah [Blue Soho]
12. Kelly Andrew - The Incursion (Afternova Radio Edit) [Abora]

1. Kelly Andrew - Across the Sea (Intro Mix) [Abora]
2. ReOrder - Beyond Horizons (Ula Remix)
3. Playme - For Love (Emotional Mix) [Abora]
4. Defcon Audio - Trailblazer (New World 2014 Remix) [Defcon]
5. Sergey Nevone - White Swans (tranzLift Emotional Remix) [Defcon]
6. Ahmed Romel - Prism [Blue Soho]
7. Alex Shevchenko - Dancing In The Rain (Allen Ma's Emotional Remix) [Airstorm]
8. Dominik Walter & Giovannie De Sadeleer - Hope Remains (Silvernova Radio Edit) [Trancer]
9. Nery - Sagrada Familia (Illitheas Remix) [Abora]
10. Etasonic - More Than Beautiful [Beyond the Stars]
11. Emanuele Congeddu & 4Seas - Butterfly Effect (Original) [AEZ]

Release Date: December 3, 2014
Catalog Number: UPONLY006

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