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Uplifting Only - Orchestral Trance Year Mix 2014 (Mixed by Ori Uplift)

Presenting the 2014 Uplifting Only - Orchestral Trance Year Mix! With the best and all the highlights of 2014 in orchestral uplifting trance. As with last year's, if you want any of your friends who've never heard orchestral uplifting before to fall in love with it, the two continuous mixes are the only things you need to give them.

Fans of Ori Uplift's radio podcast Uplifting Only voted for their 2014 tune of the year, and this mixcomp is partly based on the results. All the year's top orchestral uplifting tracks are here (except those included in last year's year mix). Full tracklist below: And all your favorite artists: New World, SoundLift, Simon O'Shine, Ahmed Romel, Geert Huinink, Kelly Andrew, Afternova, Playme, illitheas, Emanuele Congeddu, Mhammed El Alami, Driftmoon, & more!

The release also contains 3 huge never-before released tracks!

- Ahmed Romel - Finally With You (SoundLift Remix): This is a beloved but never-released classic. Now djs and fans can finally get it!

- Simon O'Shine & Ahmed Romel - L'Absente (Intro Edit): This was made specially for this release.

- Emanuele Congeddu & 4 Seas - Butterfly Effect (Etasonic Remaster Edit): Also specially made.

The two continuously mixes — which themselves are reason enough to pick up this mixcomp — feature Ori Uplift's characteristicly top-notch & flawless mixing that accentuates the flow of the tracks. The two mixes unite and roll together all the best of 2014 into just two extended works. Enjoy!


CD 1:
1. Simon O'Shine & Ahmed Romel - L'Absente (Intro Edit) [WAO138]
2. New World - Ushio (Emotional Intro Mix) [Abora Skies]
3. Ahmed Romel - Finally With You (SoundLift Remix) [Blue Soho/Uplifting Only]
4. Sergey Nevone & Simon O'Shine - In Spite Of Everything [Defcon]
5. Paul Rigel - The Key of the Universe [Abora]
6. Mhammed El Alami & illitheas - Horizon [Always Alive]
7. Kelly Andrew - Wonderland (Orchestral Trance Mix) [Blue Soho]
8. Emanuele Congeddu & ARCZI - Taliyah [Abora Skies]
9. Simon O'Shine & Adam Navel - Marathon (Simon O'Shine Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
10. SoundLift - Forever [Abora Skies]
11. Sound Apparel - Dream [Pulsar]

CD 2:
1. Driftmoon & Geert Huinink feat. Kim - Worlds Which Break Us (Intro Mix) [Abora Ascend]
2. New World - Giver of Life [Abora Skies]
3. Playme - For Love (Emotional Mix) [Abora]
4. Mhammed El Alami & illitheas & Johannes Fischer - Breath Of Life [Abora Skies]
5. Emanuele Congeddu & 4 Seas - Butterfly Effect (Etasonic Remaster Edit) [AEZ]
6. Blue Silence & Matt Chowski - Nothing To Fear (New World Epic Intro Mix) [Beyond the Stars]
7. Ferry Tayle feat. Erica Curran - Rescue Me (Suncatcher Remix) [Always Alive]
8. SoundLift - Freedom (Afternova Remix) [Abora Skies]
9. SoundLift - Bravery [Abora Skies]
10. Ahmed Romel - Yarden [FSOE]
11. Afternova & Kelly Andrew - Remember This Day [Abora]
12. Afternova - Together We Are Strong [Abora]

Release Date: January 16, 2015
Catalog Number: UPONLY008

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