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Uplifting Only: Orchestral Trance Year Mix 2018 (Mixed by Ori Uplift)

Presenting the 2018 Uplifting Only - Orchestral Trance Year Mix! With the best and all the highlights of 2018 in orchestral uplifting trance. This year, the first half of the compilation features several vocal tracks, and the second half is all instrumental.

Fans of Ori Uplift's top-rated radio podcast Uplifting Only voted for their 2018 tune of the year, and this mix compilation is largely based on the results, along with a few additional expert picks by Ori.

And none of these tracks have been included on any Uplifting Only mix compilation before! So even if you have all past ones, you won't be repeating anything when you pick this one up. In total, there are 21 full mixable tracks, 2 radio edits, and 2 continuous mixes. The two intro edits (in addition to the continuous mixes) were made especially for this mix compilation and have never been released before.

The two continuous mixes - which themselves are reason enough to pick up this mix compilation - feature Ori Uplift's characteristically top-notch and flawless mixing that accentuates the flow of the tracks. The two mixes unite and roll together all the best of 2018 into just two extended works.

The definitive show for orchestral uplifting trance, Uplifting Only airs on over 90 radio stations around the world and has been named the #6, #8, and #7 trance radio show in the 2015, 2014, and 2016 Trance Podium Awards.

Full tracklist below! This includes your favorite artists: illitheas, Roger Shah, Susana, SoundLift, RAM, Steve Allen, Stine Grove, Andy Blueman, Sandro Mireno, Tycoos, Xijaro & Pitch, InnerSync, Etasonic, DreamLife, Eric Senn, Playme, Sue McLaren, Akku, Laucco, AirLab7, Aleksey Gunichev, Luis A. Moreno, Grande Piano, Follow Focus, Natalie Gioia, and more!

In all, this year mix sums up all of 2018 for emotional and orchestral uplifting trance! Enjoy!


Part 1:
1. Sandro Mireno - It's Your Day (Intro Edit) [3:56]
2. Akku - Megumi (Emotional Mix) [7:55]
3. RAM & Stine Grove - RAMore (Daniel Skyver Remix) [7:28]
4. illitheas - Levity [7:33]
5. XiJaro & Pitch - Unite Again (Extended Mix) [7:09]
6. RAM & Susana - Northern Star (Extended Mix) [8:13]
7. Follow Focus - After The Storm [8:12]
8. Steve Allen & Sue McLaren - Old Flame [3:20]
9. Roger Shah & RAM feat. Natalie Gioia - For The One You Love [3:56]
10. Sandro Mireno & Aleksey Gunichev - Inspiration [6:15]

Part 2:
11. Luis A. Moreno - Your Love On A Trip (Intro Edit Remaster) [5:12]
12. DreamLife & Grande Piano - True Love (AirLab7 Remix) [8:00]
13. Andy Blueman - Sea Tides (Cinematic Remake) [11:35]
14. DreamLife & Laucco - Dancing Water [8:34]
15. Tycoos & Sandro Mireno - A Place Where Love Is Born [5:55]
16. Playme - The Great Bay [8:15]
17. Etasonic vs. Laucco - Last Chance To Breathe [9:53]
18. Etasonic - Recovery [8:17]
19. DreamLife & Blue Moon - Last Farewell (George Crossfield Emotional Remix) [8:13]
20. Eric Senn - Serenity [6:43]
21. InnerSync - Beach Breeze (Guitar Mix) [5:37]
22. Eric de la Vega - Summer Kisses (SoundLift's High State Mix) [7:08]
23. Andy Blueman - Beyond The World We Know (Extended Mix) [10:17]

Continuous Mixes:
24. Ori Uplift - Uplifting Only: Orchestral Trance Year Mix 2018 (Continuous DJ Mix Part 1) [49:41]
25. Ori Uplift - Uplifting Only: Orchestral Trance Year Mix 2018 (Continuous DJ Mix Part 2) [73:43]

Release Date: February 21, 2019
Catalog Number: UPONLY016

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