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Aliciya Angel

Aliciya Angel is an eclectic singer/songwriter/guitarist with solid roots in indie acoustic music. She is also known internationally as an electro-house/trance artist based on her collaborations with producers, Cryophonik and Sequence 11.

Aliciya has lived in Redding, California for most of her life.  One day she decided to take her guitar and leave her hometown behind.  Time to move on to bigger and better things! Where did destiny take her? Sacramento.

After being a solo acoustic/guitar artist for several years, she got a band together and played for some shows.  But she still yearned for something different. That’s when Aliciya met musical genius, Dave, from Cryophonik. She and Dave have been collaborating for a while now, working mostly in the electronica/dance genre. Their writing process is fun and creative. Aliciya finally found  the change she had been looking for and the style that was missing.

As for the future? Maybe it’s written in the stars. Maybe it isn’t. Aliciya will simply sing about it!

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