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As an avid listener of uplifting trance (as well as diverse sub-genres of trance) for five years, Amin Khalique, a 22-year-old Illinois resident and student, had a profound connection with the melodies and harmonies that the genre had shaped. This connection turned into passion. He constantly yearned for the emotional and energetic trance sound as a coping mechanism to life's vast wonders, struggles, and accomplishments. He also thought of trance as a unifying factor among crowds, a lifestyle, an expressive art form, and something divine.

In October of 2009, Amin created a YouTube channel named "iTranceFormer" solely dedicated to sharing his vision and fanaticism for trance with the world.  As years went by, his unconditional love for this music continued to grow exponentially, and he set out to discover the ways of original production in late July of 2011 through a digital audio workstation called FL Studio under the name of Receptive. As he is a newcomer to the scene, there is still heaps to learn and perfect in trance production, but he aspires to inspire the masses with his musical tastes along the way.

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