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Johannes Fischer - Secret Bay

We are honored to bring Johannes Fischer back to Abora Symphonic with his brand-new EP 'Secret Bay', featuring 4 piano pieces that will take you on a musical trip.

'Early Morning' opens the release and is nothing but love! Get ready to experience marvelous vibes with this splendid track. Its superb melodies and nostalgic sounds will embrace your feelings and take you on a journey where you'll experience a magical state of mind.

Next up is 'Farewell', your priceless ticket to a world of endless emotions. Its smooth notes and calming tunes mixed with angelic vibes are your ideal way to witness another level of magical melodies.

The title track 'Secret Bay' is a majestic tune that will hit you right in the feels and take you to another dimension of magical vibes with its pure notes and harmonic melodies. A great way to start off your day!

With 'Autumn Leaves', Johannes Fischer offers you a golden chance to get lost in the aesthetic rhythm of this song. The wonderful notes and futuristic tunes of this track will give you the magical chills and light up the sky of your musical world.

Pick your favorite version and get ready to enter a world full of gorgeous vibes!


1. Early Morning (Piano Version) [4:16]
2. Farewell (Piano Version) [4:42]
3. Secret Bay (Original Mix) [5:45]
4. Autumn Leaves (Original Mix) [4:35]

Release Date: November 28, 2018
Catalog Number: ABSY009

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