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Ross Rayer - Tears In The Soul

Ross Rayer returns to Abora Chillout with a wonderful new release. This is 'Tears In The Soul'.

Starting off with a downtempo mix of 'Tears In The Soul', Ross Rayer delivers a soothing and addictive composition featuring some synthetic drums which give a groovy dimension to the track. This is one you won't want to stop listening to. Toggle on the 'repeat' button and lose yourself in the catchy groove and peaceful flow.

Following is the delicate cinematic version, a marvelously crafted piece of music that mingles wistful pianos with poignant strings and drums.


1. Tears In The Soul (Downtempo Mix) [4:22]
2. Tears In The Soul (Cinematic Mix) [4:03]

Release Date: July 11, 2018
Catalog Number: ABCH041

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