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Zenfire - Navigator

Zenfire comes to Digital Euphoric with a mighty emotional uplifter entitled Navigator! This song puts into music the experience of being a navigator.

Sounds of thunder & rain dominate the breakdown, which also features a bright-yet-thoughtful piano lead braving its way through the terrible weather. The powerful climax features an apprehensive trance lead making its way through the driving sound around it. It brings to mind the experience of trying to reach your destination under adversity while making your way through a torrential storm.

We invite you to make your own journey with Zenfire's Navigator! Whether through rain & thunder or sun & skies, this tune will power you through the challenges. Enjoy!


  1. Navigator (Extended Mix) [6:33]
  2. Navigator (Original Mix) [4:43]

Release Date: November 29, 2021
Catalog Number: DER048

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